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Startup Europe Week. The purpose of the initiative is the promotion of startup era, through Greece, in order to cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship.

In this year’s Startup Greece Week, every speech and event taking place will be focusing on important issues, around the concepts of entrepreneurship, developing an idea, startups and innovation. Particular emphasis will be placed on the key aspects for the growth of the Regions, Tourism, Exports and High Technology.

The event take place in

Crete, Peloponnese, South Aegean,
Central Macedonia.


The largest event for entrepreneurship in Crete

Youth Entrepreneurship Club is a non-profit organisation, based in Greece, which supplies the new generation of entrepreneurs with guidance, support, and means to create ventures with a social or economic impact. YEC informs, educates and supports people or teams who are interested in innovation & entrepreneurship in Greece.

Till 2019 the οrganisation counts more than 200 volunteers, through its 100 actions has direct impact on 10,000 people and reflection to more than 120,000. The start-up network has got on funding of 10+ million euros. 20 Erasmus interns have contributed in the organization’s growth in 7 different YEC Hub – Cities.

(Thessaloniki, Athens, Chania, Heraklion, Rethymnon, Rhodes, Tripolis)


Online Entrepreneurship Program

Many university students want to launch their own startup but they don’t know how to start. Brainfactory ‘From Idea to Launch’ is a 10-week program that aims to help them start their entrepreneurial journey. Ιt gives the opportunity to students all to be connected with successful Greek startup founders and consultants, all over the world

The event will take place in



Startup School is a 32-week course.

We believe the barrier to entry people to start a startup is still to high. We want to make it easier for people to start a company, regardless of who or where you are, so we’re starting by sharing what we’ve learned, though Entrepreneurship School.

Courses took place in Chania


Cretan Hackathon in Tourism & Gastronomy Industry

Cretathlon gives you the opportunity to pitch your idea, build innovative products & services and co-create the future of tourism industry in Crete!

The event will take place in

Chania – Rethymnon – Heraklion- Lasithi


First Flight to space from Crete.

The first mission to space from Crete. The goal of the first mission is to send the Cretan Astronaut figure to the stratosphere, at an altitude of 30km with a fully reusable HAB-type structure. During the flight, the vessel will record meteorological measurements, position, velocity and acceleration with a GPS module as well as an inertial measurement system. It will also maintain radio communication with our receiver, sending important data to be displayed in our flight control interface. The whole journey will be recorded by a 360° field of view camera. Our team is designing and building all the mechanical and electronic parts of the mission from scratch.

First Flight: 17/10/2018

Second Flight:  19/10/2019

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